The ABA checklist is out! And that means Birdathon is ready for the world

The ABA checklist 8.0 was released yesterday! This update includes Hawaiian birds and syncs up with the AOS checklist that was released in July. I have updated  Birdathon to include the new ABA Checklist, which completes the last big task planned before announcing Birdathon to the world. More information on the ABA checklist is available on the ABA blog.

So hello, world! Birdathon is ready for you. Well, hello birding world anyway :-).

Birdathon 1.0 “quiet” release

Birdathon 1.0 is available now in the App Store, but shhhhhhhh! I’m not ready to tell the wide world just yet. We are still waiting on the American Birding Association, whose 2017 checklist is not yet available. Once the ABA checklist is out, it will be incorporated into Birdathon and we will announce the app to a wider audience.